“Mommy does hair better than you.”

"Mommy does hair better than you." So says Suzie…

Gotta say, "I agree."

Mabel and The Beautiful Bride jetted off to Chicago for a "Happy 10th Birthday" weekend. Amazing that my baby is turning 10, but that is a whole 'nother thing.

The thing that gives the biggest scare anytime The Beautiful Bride is out of town is "hair duty." It was worse when the girls were younger, but I still have Suzie's hair to battle  take care of when Momma has left the building.

It is not picking out clothes or brushing teeth or even making sure that Suzie has taken her 23 pills everyday. It is the hair that gives me heart palpitations.

And so today we were in the middle of getting Suzie's hair in order after a leisurely Christmas Break mid-afternoon bath when she turned to me and said "Mommy does hair better than you."

No argument from me Suzie…and frankly I think it is the fear of doing your hair for the next fifty years hat keeps me being nice to your momma.


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