Society for the preservation of the name Jeff

Recently the Social Security Administration releases their list of the ""  most popular baby names. As I started to scroll through the list of names for 2007, I began to get worried. "Jeffrey" had fallen all the way to #180.


I looked back to year of my birth and found that "Jeffrey"  was a very cool name. (It was very encouraging to see that my parents did in fact pick a cool, popular, albeit perhaps a bit trendy name.) In the 60's, "Jeffrey" was in fact  #10. How can we have fallen so far, so fast.

And perhaps even more concerning is the names that were ahead of "Jeffrey." For instance…

  • Damian (isn't that the name some use for the devil…"
  • #137 Jared (really…can that many people be naming their child after the guy on the Subway commercials…?)
  • 170 Jonah (the guy that got swallowed by a whale…this is not very aspirational naming…)

And I am also behind a bunch of made up and half names too…

  • "119 Ayden (is this an abbreviated version of Hayden?)
  • #174 Erick (an alternate spelling of Eric)
  • #172 Dakota (North or South???)

Perhaps the most disturbing is the precipitous fall we have taken…

  • In 1964 – #10
  • In 1974 – #65
  • In 1984 – #93
  • In 1994 – #55
  • I 2007 – #180

The way that things are going we will be a "Jeffrey-free" world in a few generations. And so today I announce the formation of "The Society for the Preservation of the Name Jeffrey."

Additional details will follow about events highlighting famous "Jeffrey's" in history, marches and demonstrations at large hospitals, and other important things related to this important name.

If you are named Jeff,  "Jeffrey" or even "Geoffrey (as we are an inclusive group) and want to be part of this important outreach, please email me at and together, we will save the name Jeffrey from extinction.


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