Countdown to Christmas – Day Seven

Countdown to Christmas – Day Seven

      Luke 2:7

      "and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn."


This is one of the most famous passages, I would guess, in the Bible If ever there were a "Top-Ten Best Bible Verses of All Time" this verse would definitely make the cut.

And not this translation…

The old school one. With "swaddling clothes." We all said it when we read the giant Living Room Bible…"she wrapped  him in 'swaddling clothes'…"

But this is a "you do what you gotta do" parent story.

Mary and Joseph were stuck in a cave behind the inn. Not in a back-lit Boy Scout lean-too with freshly-scrubbed lambs and goats and camels (oh my…) No rather they were most likely in a stinky cave with some stinky animals exhausted after a three-day trip and oh by the way, it's time to  have a baby.

And they she has the baby Jesus, and they look around for the bassinet and the stack of clothes from the Bethlehem Babies R Us and the helpful nursing staff at House of David Hospital. When they find none of that, Mary tells Joseph, "look in the bottom of my bag. There's a blanket, pull it out and hand it to me."

Mary takes the old blanket and wraps up her new baby.

And the new mother does what mothers have done for centuries. Taken what they had and gave it to their children.

And this is the simple beginning of the life  that split time in two.

Simply wrapped in swaddling clothes.



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