Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

      Luke 2:6              

    "While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born"


    "uhm…Joseph…I think it's time."

    "Huh…what…time for what?"

    "The baby…it's time for the baby."


    I remember very specifically all three times The Beautiful Bide said "it's time for the baby."

    Each time it was sentinel call, a declaration that IN JUST A MATTER OF HOURS OR MINUTES THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO BE THE WAY THEY WERE BEFORE.

With "the way before" meaning "the way I was happy and content and satisfied and  mostly got what I wanted when I wanted." That is the kind of "way before" I meant.

That's what "it's time" really means…to me anyway.

I would assume that it was at least of the same for Joseph.

And his "it's time" was a lot different than mine.

"It's time" to be the earthly dad to the Son-of-God. (now where is the Seven Easy Steps book on that."

"It's time" to help your teenage-almost-wife be the mom to the Son-of-God.

"It's time" to try and run a business while much of the world is looking at you. (I wondered if his customers expected everything to be perfect since his Son was perfect.)

"It's time" for everything to change…and it all comes in the quietest words from his teenage-almost-wife


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