Countdown to Christmas – Day Five

Countdown to Christmas – Day Five

Luke 2:5

"He went there to register to with Mary, who was pledged to married to him and was expecting a child."

Pretty non-descript verse.

The guy and the girl went to the town.

That’s all.

Just a road trip.

Just a guy and girl and a donkey.

And the Son-of-God in the belly of the woman.

That’s all.

I just can’t get past the logistics of the trip. The fact that Joseph would hoist an eight-month pregnant non-wife carrying the Son-of-God onto a donkey and head off on a three-day journey is simply crazy.

Not just the "carrying the Son-of-God" part but the "hoist an eight-month pregnant non-wife woman onto a donkey and head off on a three-day journey" is the part that has me completely amazed.

Perhaps it is simply that the "carrying the Son-of-God" part is mostly beyond my comprehension while I can at some level wrap my arms around the "hoist an eight-month pregnant non-wife onto a donkey and head off on a three-day journey" part. Because I have been in a car and driven to the mall with an eight-months pregnant woman.

And frankly, sometimes that 10-minute-trip felt like it took three days.

It would have been great to be a fly on the wall during that trip.

"So how do you feel?

"I’m pregnant on a donkey. What do you mean how do I feel?

"Yeah…well I meant…"

"How much further"

"About two and half…"



(big sigh)

"What color should we paint his room?"

"I don’t know…blue maybe…what do you think"

"I think I’m hungry. Is there a rest stop up here anywhere"

"I don’t know."

"Me either."

"Me either what?

"I just meant I don’t know either."

"About the rest stop?"

"No about any of this…I don’t know anything about any of this. I do know that I need to go to the bathroom."

(big sigh)

"So do you really think we’ll need to paint his room, Won’t he able to like snap his fingers and change the paint color anytime he wants."

"He’s the Son-of-God, not I Dream of Jeanie."

"Where’s the bathroom?"


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