Countdown to Christmas – Day Two

Countdown to Christmas – Day Two

Luke 2:2

"(This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.)"

More context…

Yesterday in verse 1 we heard the famous start to Luke 2…"In those days Caesar August issued a decree…"

And today we have sentence in parentheses. A sentence that is not even strong enough to stand on it’s own, it is merely a modifier for the sentence before it.

Sort of a "in case you didn’t study up well enough on your Roman emperor history to know exactly the year when ‘Caesar August issued a decree…’" here is another clue. It was when "Quirinius was governor of Syria."

Let’s see…

If I take the first clue….when "Caesar August issued a decree…" and add the second clue when "Quirinius was governor of Syria" I should be able to know when Jesus was born.

I’m guessing about 2008 years ago.

I hope my life is not relegated to a parentheses statement. I hope it is more than an historical comment ("Atwood was a guy who lived in the time of two Bushes and Obama") or geographical ("He lived in a brownish-looking house made of bricks and wood") or mathematical ("Four score and seven years lived he.")

I want to love a life that cannot be contained by parentheses, cannot be limited to an afterthought, or just provides context to another life or time.

But how exactly does that happen…


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