inside out pj’s

Couple of years ago I hasd these thoughst about insuring a "snow day."

The weatherman says there is a 10% chance of snow tonight. Actually only flurries. We have not had "not even one single snow day all year." So the kindergartners across the county have formed a united front in an effort to bring mother nature to her knees. The rallying cry is "inside out PJ’s."

Just like there are alligators in the NYC subways, and Elvis is working at a Wendy’s in Vegas, the "suburban myth" that if you wear your PJ’s inside out there is a better chance of a snow day. So all across Williamson County five and six year olds are sleeping with scratchy images of the Power Rangers and Lilo and Stitch and Cinderella turned inside out, hoping to coerce a snow day out of the "partly to mostly cloudy sky."

Silly kids, when will they ever understand that the way to really make a snow day happen is to do it like we did when we were kids. Sleep with your head at the opposite end of the bed. As best as I can remember, that worked every time.

The middle schooler’s have taken this to a whole new level…seems that you turn your pj’s inside out if you want it to snow, you turn your underwear inside out if you want the snow to stick…

I wonder if thr Weather Channel knows anything about this.


Posted on December 1, 2008, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. hahaha i love the last comment

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