Christmas Shopping

As you begin thinking about Christmas shopping, please consider Show Offs Art.

Sometimes the inspiration behind a piece of art is as important as the art itself.Tn_heart_and_globe

We find a lot of our inspiration in our children. In our desire to find a fun and inviting way to have Scripture around the house, we developed the magnetic boards as a way to "show off" the things that are important to us…our family, our faith, our friends.

We worked with Holly, an amazingly talented artist friend, to develop the line of canvases. Again, the purpose is to bring Scripture (and a little bit of whimsy and fun) into homes in a bright and colorful way.

The story behind our "Heart and Globe" piece sums up who we are as a family, and also what we do as a company.

Tn_madisonheartglobe Madison Atwood is a mentally and physically disabled 11-year-old girl who lives in Brentwood,  Tennessee. For Christmas 2006, Madison’s mom decided that Madison would paint a picture of a heart as a gift for her dad.

An artist friend, Holly, outlined a heart in pencil. She gave Madison the paint brush (one color at a time) and Madison started to trace the outline in lots of bright colors.

When Holly gave Madison the turquoise colored brush, she turned her back for a second and Madison colored a big circle over the heart!
We initially thought the painting was ruined. But as we looked a little closer, it became clear that the “big blob” was the globe, and the whole image was an example of how big God’s love is for our world.
Our daughter Madison’s “Big Heart, Little Globe” has now become the inspiration for our John 3:16 Heart and Globe print.   Now, when Madison sees her picture, she says, “Our world is so small but God’s love is so BIG!” What a wonderful reminder!


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