does this have whipped cream?

Suzie has a thing with whipped cream.

Big time.

As in, she is just fine with it on milkshakes, but it gives her a super-sized set of the willies when it is slathered on someone’s face.

As in run out of the room shrieking never to return willies.

As in tears and bellowing and inconsolable weeping.

It’s bad when she sees someone with whipped cream on their face, but equally bad on TV.

Like if she sees a show with someone with whipped cream she is totally paranoid about the show for weeks. (the reason this whole thing popped into my head is that there is an episode of Zach and Cody swirling about on Comcast on Demand right now that has one of the characters with a face full of whipped cream. Which lends to the question, as she refers to the show when the opening credits roll,  "Does this have whipped cream?")

And I don’t know why.

I have no idea why this particular thing gets her so wigged out.

And it drives me crazy.

I wish she could say, "Daddy, when I see someone with whipped cream on their face it makes me (fill in the blank) nervous/unsure of what I see/scared/etc…."

But she can’t.

She can’t find the words, can’t round up the thoughts, can’t explain exactly why it is that someone with whipped cream on their face sends her over the edge. Because I know she would love to tell me.

And I would love to know.


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