I’ll give you 8 Bit O’Honey’s for…

Img650 Let the trading begin.

The second best part of Halloween (after getting the candy) is trading the candy.

When my sister and I would get back from trick or treating we would each empty our pillowcase full of goodies into big silver mixing bowls and began the elementary school version of Wall Street.

Since I was the big brother I was always more than fair with my three-years-younger baby sister.

"Hey…you love popcorn balls."

"I don’t like popcorn balls."

"Yes you do…so I’ll give you this popcorn ball for eight Snickers bars."

"That’s not fair."

"Yes it is…look how big the popcorn ball is"

"Hmmm…i don’t think so."

"OK…I’ll give you the popcorn call AND an apple for eight Snickers bars.

It is that kind of astute negotiating skill that got me where I am today. Which is now serving as the high-level governmental oversight committee and regulating agency for the Halloween candy trading at the AtwoodZoo.

The good news is that as my self-determined compensation as the supreme overseer of the trading, bartering, and handling of all candy transactions is 15% of said transaction.

Hey…you got to spread the wealth don’t you….


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