An “F?” Let’s hang that sucker on the wall.

Got a comment the other day from regarding a post from early 2007. Thought would share thouse thoughts again. Especially since the Show Offs Art world is getting crazy.

Last week, during the 126 hour countdown while The Beautiful Bride was down in Birmingham letting the world know about Show Offs Art, I had responsibility for homework, test preparation, bathing, eating, sleeping, transportation, basic sustenance, etc.

We did pretty well in all of those areas…except for little slip up. In the "test preparation" category.

One of the girls (whose name shall not be used to protect the innocent…) had a social studies test during my period of temporary command of the AtwoodZoo. I did not remember to help my daughter prepare for the test.

It was my bad entirely.

But she was not ready for the quiz and got an "F." This was the first ever. In any subject. On any kind of test, paper, quiz, homework, presentation, lunch room behavior, etc… This is the same girl who has had straight "A’s" in everything. And in social studies, the average last quarter was about 104. So you can see the trauma.

We worked through the initial shock of the "F" on the paper and then went through a quick four-step recovery program

  1. Did the math and determined that an "A" for the quarter was still within reach.
  2. Went over the list of work to make sure that I had not missed anything else.
  3. Got some ice cream.
  4. Hung that "F" paper on the wall.

See I am pretty sure that this young lady will have very few setbacks like this in her academic career. So no we are not "mocking" the academic system or making light of the bad grade. We do not reward poor effort or lack of initiative.

However, here at the AtwoodZoo, we are big on capturing the "moments" of life. And this anomaly was one of those "moments." So she and I decided we needed to stick that bad boy up on the wall, as a reminder that crazy stuff can happen. And to not get all caught up in the moment.

And also that life goes much better when The Beautiful Bride is in charge.


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