Be who you are.

51bf5awtejl__sl500_bo2204203200_aa2 "Be who you are."

That’s one of the things I remind the girls over and over. "Be who you are."

And while I am certainly not naive enough to think that my encouragement will help them avoid all the pitfalls of peer pressure and societal expectations, I am hopeful that they continually discover and revel in the giant bunch of coolness and uniqueness that makes them who they are.

A good friend, who has a daughter walking through the same mine field that is middle school, recently sent me a copy of an incredible new book. "

Savvy is an amazing book for middle school kids (and their parents – I read it straight through in one sitting.) It tells the story of Mibs, a girl who is just like the rest of her family, will discover her "savvy" on her upcoming 13th birthday. A "savvy" is a special, unique, personal gift – a gift or ability that belongs only to the one with the "savvy." The book explores Mibs discovery of her "savvy" and how she can use it in her life.

That is what I want for the girls. I want them to know that they are uniquely and wonderfully made and that they have a "savvy," a great and amazing gift that is theirs and theirs along, to share with the world.

That they need to "Be who you are" and that is more than enough.

Read "Savvy" with your middle schooler, you’ll both love it and it will give you plenty to talk about.


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