It was only like 30 Dora videos…

The AtwoodZoo hit the road for fall break.

Williamsburg, Va.

Which frankly really surprised me. Cause I guess I expected a sleepy little historic plaza full of fife and drums and and guys in bad costumes and worse haircuts saying "me thinks it’s time for a revolution."

But the jokes on me. Because while there are some fife and drums and and guys in bad costumes and worse haircuts saying "me thinks it’s time for a revolution" the whole thing is very cool. Cool in a "this was where Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry and George Washington" hung out kind of way, but very cool none the less.

And the even better news is that beacuse we went to Williamsburg I was able to take the "I’m a better parent than most everyone else around here because for our fall break I chose to take my children on a journey to discover the roots of our great nation while you went on a cruise to the Cayman’s" snarkiness and smack it on top of a day full of roller coasters at Busch Gardens,

So I get a big old helping of "Better Parent" snark and rip-snorting roller coasters. All was well?

Until we headed for home.

When my self-appointed snarkiness bit me in the buttocks.

See we had a two-hour layover in Baltimore on the way home. The Beautiful Bride, Mabel, and Kenzo headed into Barnes & Noble while Suzie and I foudn a good place to settle down for a bit. She was going to watch some movies, I was going to take one last look at an overdue book proposal.

So we found a place to set up camp and I got all the stuff out. Computer for me, computer for Suzie to watch the movies. Add the headphones, her giant case of movies, and a stuffed animal and we were ready to roll. I was certain brilliance was about to fall out of my head.

The only problem was that the computer Suzie was going to use had a dead battery. So she needed to use mine. OK. The proposal can wait another day.

I popped in a movie for her and made a couple of phone calls.

About an hour later Mabel came and summoned us to join them for dinner.

So I packed up the computers, headphones, and stuffed animal and off we went. Airport food court dinner, a round of over priced airport frozen yougurt, quick pit stop, and we were on the plane back home.

On the plane Suzie was ready to watch another movie. Fine by me.

"Hey," I said to The Beautiful Bride, "where are Suzie’s movies?"

"You had them at the airport. Didn’t you put them back in the bag?"


"Uh…I think that maybe…I uh…left the movie case at the airport."

Now fast forward past all the wailing and gnashing of teeth and suffice it to say that I did indeed leave Suzie’s most prized posession, her case of Barney and Dora and Diego and DragonTales and Boz movies at the Baltimore airport.

Dad of the Year stuff, that’s what that is…

So if you happen to come across a big black case with about forty or fifty dvd’s in it sitting in the Baltomore area, let me know.

I would pay a lot of money for that case. Cause as it stands right now, just like all the people we saw acting out scenes in Williamsburg, freedom for me will come with a high price.      


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