Memo to the person who used my credit card to charge $250.22 to Itunes

Memo to the person who used my credit card to charge $250.22 to I-Tunes:


Why did you think it was OK to try and use my credit card to charge $250.22 to I-Tunes over the past five days? Did you think I wouldn’t notice that someone charged more than $40 six times? Did you think that you could sit in your mom’s basement and just keep charging whatever you wanted whenever you wanted?

I guess you did.

Guess what?

My friends at the credit card company are not very happy with you right now and evidently through the transaction numbers they can figure out when and where you downloaded $250.22 worth of stuff. So expect a phone call from them. From their fraud department.

Oh…and I know you thought it was cool to try and get $250.22 worth of free stuff but it really caused us a bunch of trouble. Cause now we have to contact a bunch of people and tell them about a new account number and do that whole drill.

So if, hopefully when, the people in the fraud department contact you about the $250.22 you charged to I-Tunes I hope it causes you a bunch of trouble too.

I realize that I am supposed to turn the other cheek and all that. And I probably will sometime soon, but right now, I’m just hacked off that you thought it was OK to charge $250.22 worth of I-Tunes stuff to my credit card.

Thanks for listening. (though I doubt you can hear me cause right now you are probably sitting down in your mom’s basement listening to music you charged on my credit card)


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