23 pills

23 pills.

Not sure why it just popped into to my head, but I just realized that Suzie takes 23 pills a day. Most of these are to keep the seizure monster back in its cave, a couple others to help with other things related to her challenges.

But in total, 23 pills every day. 12 in the morning, 11 at bedtime.

The other day a friend asked me "what is the long term impact of all the medicine that Suzie takes?"

And I said, "we have no idea."

But the truth is, we can’t worry too much about the future. Because we have to do all we can to stop the seizures today and just worry about any long-lasting problems later. We need to worry about today, today and be concerned with tomorrow, tomorrow. (wow, that sounds like something that ought to be in the Bible…)

And because of the 23 pills I am mostly certain that Suzie can have a good day today so I am happy with that.

And thankful for the 23 pills.


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