The Three Vomit Trifecta

I love September 30.

It is one of my favorite days of the year. Because a few years ago The Beautiful Bride was born. and that makes it a great day.

And like always we did something very special to celebrate this very special day. In the past we have gone to dinner, or painted pottery, or baked a cake.

Those things are all well and good, but today…we took the phrase "memorable birthday" to a whole new level.

This year we did something I would guess she will never forget. Because this year for her birthday, we gave The Beautiful Bride an "Extreme Home Makeover" as we turned her beautiful home into a vomitorium.

That’s right this year, on The Beautiful Bride’s birthday we hit the The Three Vomit Trifecta. All three girls sick at the same time. Maybe only a handful of times over the past three years have we hit the jackpot like this. But today…Shazaam…it was stomach funk galore here at the AtwoodZoo.

But instead of looking at this as a negative, I tried to focus on the positive. It was like one day-long surprise party. Because just when she least expected it, SURPRISE!!!! someone was tossing their cookies. Can’t you see how this was a gift that just kept on giving?

So instead of cake and ice cream and dinner out, we had crackers and Immodium and loads and loads and loads and loads of laundry.

So on behalf of Suzie and Kenzo and Mabel we say Happy Birthday to The Beautiful Bride because there is no one we would rather have wipe the chunks out of our nose than you.


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