Monkey Brain Mash

Monkey_brain_1 We did a science experiment the other day at the AtwoodZoo. We wanted to see if the car would smash monkey brains.

Our hypothesis was that the car would smash the monkey brains flat as a pancake.

Turns out we were right.

Who needs a fancy science lab to study the transfer fo energy from one object to another when you have a two-ton car and a couple of slightly soggy monkey brains.Monley_brain_2


Posted on September 28, 2008, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Okay, so I have these two old friends from days gone by at some church that used to be near an amusement park.
    Both of these friends have a blog and I read them both.
    Both of these friends wrote about this very thing this weekend. One called them “the humble hedge apple.” The other “monkey brains.”
    One decorated with them. (See
    One smashed them under the wheels of his car.
    Love it!!

  2. Hehehehehe!!!! I have THREE old friends from that same old church by the amusement park… all three of them have blogs, and I have just added the third to my reading list! (Yeah, I know, I should do a blog too, but I am still trying to figure out what in the world to put on it!)
    Jeff, glad to hear you are doing well! All God’s best to you!

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