Four yawns and a sigh

In case you were wondering, I am pretty sure there is an order and process to the universe.

Bedtime with Suzie confirms that.

Because every night it is "four yawns and a sigh."

We can read a book, say our prayers, "talk about our day," play the "I need to beat the sisters to sleep" game and all the other stuff, but at the end, somewhere in the course of all the bedtime ritual she will have "four yawns and a sigh."

It’s this simple. Every night she yawns four times before she falls asleep. Doesn’t matter if she is exhausted or not tired at all, there will always be four yawns. If she’s not sleepy, the time between the yawns is longer. If is has been a tough day, it is practically yawn…breath…yawn…breath….

But there will always be four yawns…a big sigh, a last nuzzle to the pillow, then "night night."

Just seems like one of those things where there should be no order, but still there is the most order. Kind of like the rest of creation, I guess.

Sweet dreams, princess.


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