Heartache is Universal…but families are forever.

We had a great night tonight at the AtwoodZoo. Ham biscuits, Fresca Frosties (an AtwoodZoo favorite made of rainbow sherbet covered in Fresca) some homework, tossing the Frisbee under the streetlight, showers, and then watching the first half of a crazy football game.

And as is our custom The Beautiful Bride got Suzie down to sleep and I tucked in the other girls. A quick hug and kiss to Mabel who was hunkered down as always, with Boomer the sheep-poodle up by her pillow. Then across the hall to Kenzo’s room.

And our ritual is always the same, talk, prayer, hug, negotiations for a few minutes to read, and then the "love you more" whisper battle (to see who gets to say it last as I back out of the room) to close out the night.

As we prayed tonight I was thankful for the great night and an even better family. Kenzo echoed that sentiment, and then prayed for a friend whose parents were getting divorced, a former teacher who has cancer, and another friend who has a jacked up family life.

Her prayer was a reminder to me of two things. First, heartache is universal. At some point in life we will all have our hearts crushed by something we can control, or often by something we can’t control. Either way none of us is immune.

But second…seems like I am more glad tonight than I have been in a long time that I get to spend this topsy-turvy life with the rest of the AtwoodZoo.

Hope you’re as thankful for your family as I am for mine. If you are, tell them..

None of us is


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