Half vegetarian

I learned a very important thing today.

My youngest daughter Mabel is a "half vegetarian."

That’s right. A "half vegetarian."

In a conversation earlier today sweet Mabel told The Beautiful Bride she was a "half vegetarian." When asked what it meant to her to be a "half vegetarian" she replied, "well I like cows and chickens, but I really like to eat chicken and meat. And milk, I love to drink milk. And you need cows for milk. So I am only going to eat meat once a day. That is how I will be a ‘half vegetarian.’"

This whole thing come up at Sonic this evening. As she was having chicken. For the second time today. Chased by a milkshake.

Oh how conflicting it is to be a nine-year-old "half vegetarian" who loves chicken and milk.


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  1. Our daughter, Suzanne, decided that she would be a vegetarian when she was about 12 or 13. Problem #1: She didn’t really like vegetables. I think she mostly liked junk food, which doesn’t usually include meat, and saw that as a way to eat what she really liked. Lasted about a week as I recall.

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