she shoots, she scores

Img608 Suzie had soccer on Saturday. She is part of the TOPS Soccer program here in Williamson County. Great people, great facility at the indoor soccer arena, and a bunch of cool kids.

I am not an over the top kind of political guy. But every time I spend an hour or two around the group of kids who are on Suzie’s "team" I start thinking about the war cries from those who say that abortion is the best, most "responsible," perhaps only "reasonable,"  response when parents learn that their soon-to-be-born child has a disability.

At first when I think of those who favor abortion, especially in this circumstance I get mad, even indignant. Then I think that these people just don’t understand kids with disabilities.

And so instead of being mad at these people, I think what I would like them to do is come out and play soccer with us for one Saturday morning. And after they see Suzie laugh and and smile and skip after she scores a goal, I will ask them if she has a life worth living.


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  1. How much more valuable is life, even for us “normal” people, when we are content and enjoy the little details around us? Clearly, Suzie is one of the few who is really living most of the time.

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