Dear Suzie

Dear Suzie,

I had fun with you at the football game the other day. I know you had fun watching your friends when they were cheering. And it was really cool when one of them got tossed, like you said, "up into the sky."

But Suzie, there are some things I wonder about…

Like when you plop down at the edge of the sidewalk with a box of popcorn because you have determined that you can "see better" by sitting there.

Do you notice the people who walk by where you are sitting, because sometimes as they pass by they make tiniest little sideways sneer when they are the slightest bit inconvenienced by having to move the teeniest bit out of their way.

The reason I ask is because I notice them, and sometimes I am little bit embarrassed because I think that they think I am a bad Dad and you are just spoiled and sitting where you want with no regard to their snotty little snootiness.

And sometimes I really wonder what is going on in your head when we walk through the mall and all of a sudden you lift your hands up and start singing. Loudly. And once again I am concerned that people are looking at you funny and I feel that I need to protect you from the snarky looks.

But as I think about it, you are not concerned with any of this. It is me. I am the one concerned with what people think. And yes sometimes I am genuinely concerned with what people will think about you, but sadly it seems like most times I am concerned with what they will think about me.

And that is just crazy.

Seriously. What is wrong with plopping in the grass or singing a song?

So the next time you feel the need to plop down in the edge of the grass at a football game I will plop down with you, and not stand off to the side. And next time you start to sing a song in the mall I’ll start to sing along.

Then maybe, just maybe, everyone will sing with you too.


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