Rock steady

Img565 Got in this morning from a too long trip to Atlanta for Show Offs Art and then to Orlando for book stuff. I am fine with a couple of nights, fight my way through three or four nights, but this gone for a week is life threatening.

So to celebrate being home Kenzo, Mabel and I joined some cousins for rock climbing. Actually they did the climbing and I did the rope holding. The girls (and their cousins) did a great job. Though I must admit that it is a bit unsettling seeing your daughter 30 feet up in the air, clinging to a "rock" wall with the stabilizing factor in the equation being a rope that I am holding to keep her from plummeting to the ground.

Seeing as I do not have much experience in rope holding I was not entirely sure that the 60 seconds of instruction ("so you like hold the rope with your right hand, and then slip it up and slide, then break, but don’t let go, so you got it…have fun.")would suffice. Not much less instruction than we got taking the girls home from the hospital after they were born. ("Watch the soft spot, don’t drop them, have fun…") But it seems to have worked as their were no calamities.

And we topped the whole thing of with a Happy Hour Slushee at Sonic.

Yep, it’s good to be home…


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