Looking for some government funding

I think I need to obtain some government funding for a serious condition that has recently developed here at the AtwoodZoo.

I call this newly discovered condition "S.T.A.Y.U.P."

S.T.A.Y.U.P. stands for Spontaneous Tremendous Appetite Yearning for Unhealthy Provisions.

The key symptom exhibited during an outbreak of S.T.A.Y.U.P. is this: For some reason currently unknown to medical doctors, somehow, at the exact minute it is time for the girls to go bed, they immediately become as ravenously hungry and thirsty as if they had been wandering in the desert for 40 years. There are no other apparent symptoms other than this instantaneous bilateral onset of starvation and dehydration.

Another amazing thing about S.T.A.Y.U.P. is that if, by chance, they have completed their homework and they have a few minutes to play on the computer or Wii, they are not the least bit hungry or thirsty doing that, it is only when we tell them that it is time for bed that the amazingly acute symptoms of S.T.A.Y.U.P. come into play.

I tell you, I am on to something here.


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