Tipping Point

Amazing but true…we have reached the "summer tipping point."

Summer break is about 80 days. I think that Monday or Tuesday was officially the halfway point, but since it’s summer I am a bit too lazy to pull out a calendar and find out for sure.

Nonetheless, we are on the downhill slide and we still have a lot of summer stuff to do.

Summer stuff still to do: (I am back in a list making frenzy)

  • Get out of town. We had to punt an earlier trip when The Beautiful Bride got the DVD out of her back.
  • Water Park – so far we have been to zero this summer. (And the slip and slide in the back yard doesn’t really count)
  • Bike rides – not nearly enough
  • Food from our "garden" – we will have peppers and tomatoes soon. And even though I will not even eat one tomato, it is fun to have food that came from the land of the AtwoodZoo.
  • Homemade ice cream – show me the rock salt
  • Manuscript – got to finish the new book manuscript and get to literary agent

That’s the big stuff…still got the pool and and average of 4.7 nights with dinner from the grill.


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