hot enough for you?

Twice yesterday someone said to me, "Hot enough for you?"

I am not sure how to answer that question.

If I say yes, it supposes some sort of support for the funky, drippy, sweat fest that is summer in Tennessee. And that is certainly not true.

But if I say no, then the person making blathering uninterested small talk would consider that I am some sort of zip-head who is content to spend every waking and sleeping moment dripping from every pore on their body. And that is certainly not true.

So my most recent response to that question is "Yuh." It is neither left nor right. So I am neither (and either) "hot enough" and/nor "hot enough."

Yes, I realize it is a (Insert the name of your least favorite politician here)-esque answer.

But at least it is honest, I think.


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