This much I can see

I am, admittedly, not a learned theologian. I do not read my Bible or pray nearly as often as I would like. Too often, I default to learning "about God" instead of knowing God. There is so much "religion" that is far beyond what I can grasp.

But when I sit on my back porch and look across the backyard and see the shadows from the sun trailing out behind the hackberry trees, I am reminded that somehow,at some amazingly complex microscopic level, the energy from the sun is an integral part of how all the supremely organized organisms on our planet interact and flourish.

And thinking how the sun is set 93 million miles away and that the sun and the earth are tilted and revolve in exactly the right way at the right times to allow the light and warmth of the sun to trigger all the growth and life that exists leads me to think one of two things…

Either…"Dang, how lucky is it that this whole thing that hinges on zillions of the tiniest of details all playing out together every millisecond of every hour of every day somehow came together by whim or chance and is held in place by cosmic duct tape and bailing wire…."

Or…"God is big and God is good." 

The chorus of cardinals in the cedar tree next door tells me the answer.

This post is part of Watercooler Wednesday.


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  1. He is good all the time, even from 93 million miles away.

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