me and mommy and daddy

Awful quiet around the AtwoodZoo this week. Kenzo and Mabel are off to church camp.

So, according to Suzie, it’s just "me and mommy and daddy."

I am just beginning to realize that it will most likely be "me and mommy and daddy" forever. Mabel and Kenzo will grow up and move on (cue the violins…) and Suzie will stay. Forever.

And most of me is really OK with that. Because she is a jewel and makes us laugh and makes us think and be thankful.

But there is a tiny part that thinks, "wow…she will probably not move out, or move on. Suzie will be here forever." And selfishly I pout. A bit.

But I also know that because of Suzie we will always have Santa Claus, and we will always "lock it on" when I get a kiss good night, and frankly I will always get a kiss good night because I fear that soon that may go extinct with "the sisters." And we will always have Dora the Explorer, and we will always ride "It’s A Small World" and our refrigerator will always be covered with colored pictures, and that we will sing Cheeseburger in Paradise at the top of our lungs in the car.

And so mostly I am thrilled that it will be "me and mommy and daddy" forever. 


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  1. This made me cry! 🙂

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