Ripple in a pool…

Gatlinburg00015 Kenzo made a big ripple in a pool today.

She had her 11th birthday party and invited all her best buddies to join us at Nana and Papa’s pool for a big shindig. But instead of rounding up a passle of presents for herself, Kenzo asked all her guests to bring a donation for the Compassion International "Bite Back" campaign against malaria.

According to the Compassion International website, "malaria kills 3,000 children a day, and nearly every child in sub-Saharan


will contract malaria once this year."

The $105 Kenzo’s friends gave in lieu of gifts (plus $5 Kenz is kicking in from her allowance) will allow Compassion to get mosquito nets for 11 children.

Sonetimes it seems impossible to comprehend the enormity of the hunger and disease problems on the other side of the world, and therefore we think what good will the little that I can give do.

But for 11 kids in Africa the fact that 11 kids in Tennessee cared will make a huge difference.

You can do the same thing, make a tiny ripple in the giant pool, by going to Compassion International.


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  1. What a great idea!!!

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