So your daughter was born typical…?

Suzie is spending many of her days this summer at Camp Will. It is a great program for kids of varying challenges.

In talking with one of the other parents the other day and doing the "so tell me about your child’s challenges" rundown, a statement the other parent made really made em think.

I was telling her all about how Suzie got sick and with great interest and a bit of shock she said….

"So you’re daughter was born typical."

After I stammered for a minute, I said "yes" and walked off. And it just reminded me that while Suzie is so much like all the kids in the different special needs programs she is part of, she is also very different.

Because she was "born typical." Most kids in special needs programs either have genetic or before-birth physiological problems, or had problems at birth.

Suzie has none of those.

She was fit as a fiddle for the first six months of her life. Not even an ear infection, until the first one which resulted in the meningitis.

Amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye, how the littlest of things (like a pesky germ) can turn a beautiful little girl from "typical" to very "untypical" in a heartbeat.


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