i am not a fancy food person…

I have been following the adventures of Randy Elrod as he  traipses through northern California eating fancy food and drinking fancy wine.

Earlier this evening as I considered his pigeon-stuffed cannelloni with a fois gras sauce and a dabbling of derryberry sherry (or some such really fancy type of food) I tossed a slab of leftover meatloaf on the grill next to the chicken.

(as a note…I had never grilled leftover meatloaf but it wasn’t half bad)

And then I realized. I am happy with BBQ meatloaf. That’s who I am.

I am not against all the great stuff that "fancy eaters" eat. I have eaten fancy food before and I have nothing against it. I think it all sounds good (from what I understand of what the "fancy eaters" eat what with all the bouillabaisse and essence of nutmeg and some such…)  and interesting and yes, I probably do need my palate cleansed once in a while.

But my discovery (and subsequent release from not understanding why I do not crave fancy food) is just like Jesus said in Matthew 7 "…do not throw pearls before swine…"

It is a waste to give me fancy food.

For whatever reason,(and this certainly does not diminish the fact that lots of good people are fancy eaters) I just do not really appreciate it. Maybe I have a blue-collar tongue, or I just am not sensitive enough to full comprehend how all the flavors work together. I know lots of people who do. It is just not in me to enjoy these things. 

I have finally, just tonight when I slapped that hunk of cold meat on the grill, come to peace with the fact that I am a BBQ meatloaf kind of guy. Even better if I can dip it in honey mustard dressing.

This post is part of Water Cooler Wednesdays at Randy "the fancy eater" Elrod’s blog Ethos.


Posted on May 25, 2008, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. BBQ meatloaf, meatloaf with ketchup, meatloaf with A1 sauce – it all sounds good to me!
    I love all food. I’m down with burgers & fries and I’m down with a fancy feast, just as long as it’s not the cat food.

  2. We have a favorite dive called Chuy’s that we frequent for regular doses of bbq tri-tip, mesquite grilled chicken, chips & salsa & non-creamy coleslaw. My kids love it. It’s real food. Our other favorite dive is called Chino Bandido’s. It is a trip. Not the cleanest place in the world. But the food is fantastic. It was actually just featured on the food network as a great dive! A fancy meal for a fancy occasion might be justified in our current budget. But for our family, we go for the everyday stuff…

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