Life is short

My mom passed away in 1978. I was 14, and my sister 11. My mom was a great mom who got eaten up by cancer when she was way too young. And so this is the 30th Mothers Day that we did not get to share.

And while a thousand different thoughts rush though my head as I think back about how my mom would play Pong with us on the little TV in the kitchen. Or how she would sing amazing, beautiful harmonies with my grandpa and aunt. Or how she would let us eat popcorn and Pepsi for dinner on Sunday nights sometime. Mostly I am amazed at how young we were when she passed away. I guess I didn’t think I was so young at the time. We packed alot of life into a few years.

But if my math is correct, my sister Jackie would have been ten coming up to eleven when we would out Mom was sick. And I see Kenzo, who is ten coming up to eleven, and I think she is too young for that kind of heartache. And that we, especially my sister, were too young for that kind of heartache.

And I wish that Kenzo and Mabel and Suzie could have met my mom cause they would have loved her.

But it was not to be.

So even my girls did not ever meet their biological grandmother, I can see her heart beating in their lives. I see it when Kenzo sings and it sounds like a chorus of angels. Or I see it when Mabel makes a "Mothers Day Buffet" breakfast menu consisting of every item in the pantry, just to serve her mother. Or I see it when Suzie rolls her head back and lets loose a torrent of giggles and laughs,

I also see my mothers heart when I see my sister love and care for her children. Even though the time we had with my mom was too short, there was enough love (and a genetic code of service and compassion) packed into those few years, it was more than enough for Jackie to become an amazing Mom.

And how I wish that my mom could see Kenzo play goalie, and taste Mabel’s "fruit surprise" secret recipe, and learn from Suzie’s sweet smile, but on this side of eternity that will not happen.   

Life is short. Things happen fast. Too fast sometimes. So be thankful for family. And make sure you plant memories deep inside of them so they can carry them on forever.    


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