What I learned today….

I learned a very important lesson today.

I learned that (despite what Kenzo and her friends think) it is not a good idea to put food coloring in bubbles.

Because even thought it may make for beautiful bubbles, it turns out that food coloring is not good for clothes.

Who knew?

Seems that The Beautiful Bride knew that piece of information. She knew it all along. She knew that putting food coloring in bubbles would lead to disaster. And frankly, I am a little disappointed that even though she was in a different part of the house talking to someone else about something else, she could have told me this important fact. But no….she did not share this useful tidbit of knowledge with me sometime before my "allowance of the food coloring in bubbles episode." But I am a big boy and I will overlook her selfish withholding of key nuggets of smartness like this.

That’s just the kind of guy I am. Even though I thought we had pledged to share everything…

But I will not be bitter. I am just glad that my discovery that food coloring does not come out of "two very cute outfits from Justice" and my pain in seeing that "two very cute outfits from Justice" have now moved from the "School Clothes" place in the closet to the "play clothes" drawer can help someone, some how…

Glad to be of service, I just want to be a blessing.


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