The two things Mabel has heard at recent birthday parties…

Like most school age children, Mabel gets invited to a fair number of birthday parties. And as the girls are well into elementary school they (and the Beautiful Bride) have the etiquette and shopping program down pretty well.

As in the girls show up to parties with good presents. Not the lame-o ones that end up getting recycled and re-gifted. They know how to get good gifts.

But recently, as in at the last two parties that Mabel has attended, she had unsettling experiences related to the gift she gave. Unsettling as in the responses of the "giftee" was a bit…well…less than tactful.

Here are the two most recent responses to the gifts Mabel gave her friends…

  • "Is this all you gave me for my birthday?"  – This statement was made right after the young lady(?) ripped the present out of Mabel’s hand as she walked through the front door. And just for the record…the "all you gave me for my birthday" was a lovely set of bracelets and a necklace from Justice.
  • "I already have this game." – This dandy was uttered by the youngster as she tossed the recently-opened gift ( a "cool" video game) on the floor.

Uhm…we try not to call anyone names at the AtwoodZoo, but I am thinking of a phrase about these two girls and it rhymes with "boiled cat."   


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