we’ve got a turtle

The AtwoodZoo is officially one animal larger today.

Seymour the turtle joined us. We discovered this handsome, yet clearly misguided box turtle on our driveway today. So we rounded up a large plastic tub, plopped in some grass, water, a couple of sticks, a carrot (i added that for some reason – maybe I forgot that Seymour was a turtle,not a rabbit) and then made a run to PetSmart for "turtle  food."

So Seymour, with a belly full of pre-fab tortoise pellets, is sleeping away in his plastic tub on the back porch. I wonder what he thinks of pre-fab tortoise pellets. Pretty sure he has never had them before. (My guess is he will be with us three days and then back to the creek.)

Just another exciting day here at the AZ.  You never know what will show up in the driveway. This afternoon it was two cars full of kids. But that is another story.


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