Suzie might “write you down”

It’s here again…it is Suzie’s birthday week…And was we went through the list of who she "wrote down" on the list and made out the invitations, it reminded me of something from a while back about Suzie’s birthday…and like I said before, maybe if you act nice, Suzie might "write you down" next year.

Well, we have finally reached the biggest week (for Suzie) of the year! It is her birthday week.

For the past two months she has been preparing. She put together a list of friends to invite on a notepad and has been referring to it several times everyday…

"You want to know who is coming to my party?"

"You want me to read you the list?"

And then, just as she has a hundred thousand times over the past couple of months, she launches into the her invitation list…

"Meghan, and Madeline, and Reagan, and Little Danielle, and Abby, and the other Abbi, and …." and on and on it goes.

And then I ask her if I’m invited to the party. And every time she points to her list and says , "I wrote you down." Which means I am invited. Cause if she "writes you down," that is a huge deal in the world of Suzie party planning. And then later this week Suzie and a handful of friends that she "wrote down" will gather at Chuckie The Rat to play and celebrate.

Her parties are especially interesting. Firstly, because there are very few 11-year-olds having their birthday parties with Chuckie, and secondly, because there is always such a curious grouping of people. She will have pre-school kids, and 4th grade kids. She will have "typical" kids and kids with Down syndrome. She will have autistic kids and "regular" kids and wheelchair kids and everything-in-between kids. And there will be some kids that are not exactly sure why Suzie invited them because they don’t spend a lot time together, but once Suzie "writes you down" on her list, you are destined to attend. And there might be a few kids this year who will feel a bit self-conscious because they will be the only 11-year-olds singing happy birthday to a classmate at Chuckie Cheese.

But I am not concerned about that, because Suzie will be smiling. And when she is smiling, the world is good.

So for now, we are on countdown to party. (And high-level prayer alert, because it seems that every year around her party the seizures start to ratchet up…one time, a couple of years ago she had a bad seizure at the top of the stairs and fell all the way down as she was having the seizure…so she spent the evening at Vanderbilt instead of with Chuckie…)

And if you see a smiling eleven-year-old having her party with Chuckie the Rat later this week, come by and say "Happy Birthday."

Cause if you do…maybe next year she’ll "write you down…"


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