Now just exactly why is the fridge in the middle of the kitchen…

Img437_3 Came home late from a meeting and found the refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen…and the question is "why?"

Now I will have to wait til the morning to get the real (probably pretty mundane) answer, so I came up with thoughts of my own why the refrigerator is in the middle of the kitchen.

  1. A band of tiny gypsies cleans the kitchen each night and I disturbed them in the middle of cleaning behind the fridge.
  2. The house tilted to the left for a short while and the fridge just rolled out.
  3. Suzie decided to hide the Easter Eggs in a real hard to find spot.
  4. The fridge was thirsty,wanted a drink of water and was on it’s way over to the sink when it remembered, "hey…I’m a fridge…i have a water faucet on the front of me."
  5. Maybe one of the girls spilled a drink between the side of fridge and the counter and felt compelled to move the fridge, get a mop, and clean up the mess…nah, that’s crazy talk…more likely that the band of gypsies was cleaning.

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