What was that???

Every night at bedtime, Suzie likes to have about ten stuffed animals, plus Boomer the dog, join her in bed. She gets snuggled down under the covers with all the animals around her head, and Boomer "down by her piggies."

Last night, as she was getting settled, one of the animals fell off the bed. Remember now it was a stuffed animal. Suzie sat straight up and said "what was that?"

She had heard the teeny-tiny fluffy sound of the stuffed animal hitting the carpeted floor. I was right there getting her tucked in and I didn’t hear it. But she did.

The amazing thing about this, to me, is that when she was hospitalized with the bacterial meningitis when she was six months old, one of the things the doctors kept cautioning us about was the likely loss of hearing. They said that was a very typical side effect of the meningitis.

Well Suzie’s hearing is perfect. Probably better than most. She can hear a stuffed animal falling three feet onto the carpeted floor.

I think that her hearing is just a reminder from God that He has made us all as individuals. There is a not a template or a manufacturing process or a standard. We are all unique, all individuals, all specially made for a special purpose.  The thing that the doctors said would most likely be a challenge for Suzie is a strength for her.

It is just fun, even as we wade through all the challenges she has, to be reminded that none of us is bound by the expectations of other people, rather we are simply defined by God and who He made us to be.


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