Thoughts and stuff overheard while standing in line for the Hannah Montana movie extra’s sign-up

We were there. From 11:45 am – 2:00 pm. When they passed out cards to everyone and shooed us all off. And so here are my thoughts (and a couple of overheard conversations) from our brief (compared to many other maniacs) time in line.

  • There is a lot of monkey-like grooming going on. As in people picking stuff out of other people’s hair.
  • Justice could easily be the "official clothes provider for people standing in line to be in a Hannah Montana movie."
  • The most common expression used when people rounded the corner and saw the length of the line…"OH MY GAHHH….."
  • It was ironic that Charlton Heston passed away today. He could have been of great use parting the crowds.
  • There were a scary amount of parents of young children carrying around GIANT professionally-photographed portfolios of their (according to my vantage point) very average looking kids. And they were showing them to anyone who would look.
  • My thoughts about why the parents were showing all the different wind-blown pics of their kids…1)trying to "psych out" the competition; or 2)trying to justify in their minds whey they had spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on scary pics of their kids.
  • Overheard two 11-year-old girls as they walked in between the throngs of people "So I was like, she got a phone when she was nine and I had to wait til I was eleven. What’s up with that?"
  • Overheard a conversation between a mom and what looked to be about a seven-year-old. "When we are done here I’ll take you to your dads and you can go to Hooters and get some lunch."
  • Overheard a mom to daughter as they were getting in line…"if for ANY REASON you want to leave, I am just fine with that."
  • And the the philosopher in the group said to a friend, "We are closer to the end than the beginning."

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