Stupid fans – Stupid players

Got the following note from Joey Bagadonuts’ brother about the knuckleheads around him at a recent Phillies game.

Even though your promotions department did not give last nights game the title College Night…. it’s amazing how you tried to slip it by. The 2nd game of the season and the 1st of my 17 game package and already a drunk college student was trying to pick a fight with me in the bathroom… there was more f… bombs, hot dogs and beer thrown last night then there were pitches in the game. Now I know I am suppose to go to my usher in my section to report the incidents but to use the term " A deer in the headlights” would be an understatement to describe the look on his face. Now as a Christian adult male and a youth leader I decided to take the high road and be an example for the teen that was with me at the game. I walked away from the bathroom incident and I did not grab the panic button around my poor usher’s neck. The ballpark experience is suppose to be about baseball, tradition, family, friends and that one on one time with a lost teen. It’s sad when a beautiful ballpark experience ends up turning out to be a nightmare time and time again.  Now I know you have a business to run but your organization really makes it hard to enjoy the game of baseball when your bottom line is about hot dogs, beer and money. Our American past time and your so called ballpark experience is just that, in the past. When will you learn?
Sad that a handful of idiots can ruin a good time…
And then I saw this video about a tennis player bing a knucklehead. Hard top decide which one was worse – the fans at the Phillies game or the tennis player busting himself in the head with his racket.

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