Overheard in the airport

"So, this is Sarah, and like Becca was going to meet us there, but she had to get an earlier flight, and Daddy gave me his frequent flier miles so I had to go through Charlotte and like there is nothing in Charlotte, and then Jenna said that she was going from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando and I was like that will only take a few seconds and then you’ll spend 800 million hours in the airport but she was like yeah, and then Becca said that she didn’t want to eat out every night and she only liked some food, and so Mom, what were we going to do, and then because I was using Daddy’s miles couldn’t go direct and like there is only a couple of places you can fly direct from Nashville and they are all useless places like Ohio and so when we get to St. Thomas I thought we might lay out and then Mandy said she didn’t want to lay out today, but maybe on Tuesday, and does that muffin really have lots of raisins, and what if it rains on Tuesday, but Becca was like if I am going to bring that totally hot green yeah can i have that non-fat, no whip extra hot cause I know that Jenna can be a total so what if we don’t want to go out that night and since Daddy said that I had to use his miles and not buy a ticket I was going through Charlotte and OK Mommy, bye I love you."

Isn’t it amazing that William Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis and William Faulkner and my airport acquaintance Sarah use the same English language…

This is part of Randy’s Water Cooler Wednesday. Make sure you check it out. 


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  1. That’s what makes humanity so cool! We are all different and communicate in our own unique way. Like, you know!

  2. Paul – ain’t that the truth. Jeff

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