Now THIS is brilliant…

Most every evening we get a little push back around bath time…"Daddy, I’m not dirty…" "Daddy…we just took a shower last night…" "Daddy…I don’t want to…"

And the dance goes on for a moment. With the requisite fussing and the disdain and the disinterest in cleanliness. And a rising level of frustration among all parties.

But one night The Beautiful Bride had the most amazing thought…

After we give the the call to tub, and begin to hear the girls give their typical chorus of "the top reasons I do not need to clean myself tonight" our new quick and easy reply is "Well then just smell your sister’s feet…OK, how do they smell?"

The reply is always, "Yuck….they are nasty…" "To which we can say, "Right, and she took a shower last night just like you, so you can just imagine that your feet are equally funky. Go hop in the tub."

And they are left in an indefensible position. Brilliant.

It is this sort of brilliance (along with her accompanying hotness) why I begged the The Beautiful Bride to marry me….


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