Scientific study

I am not a scientist. Nor have I ever pretended to be a scientist. My dad is a scientist with the degrees and experience to prove it.

I am not. It drove me crazy back in the seventh grade at Pennwood Junior High School when Mr. Picciotti would have the class do "25 Observations about an Ice Cube Melting."  To "learn about the scientific method of observation" he said.

Mostly I think it was about him getting us busy enough so he could sneak outside for a smoke break.

But in light of a recurrent challenge at the AtwoodZoo, I am going to become a scientist.

So As a public service, I am going to begin a detailed scientific study about the apparently clear corollary between a child turning off the lights at night and immediate profound dehydration.

Dripping20faucet It is not just the lights go off and "hey Daddy, I am a little bit thirsty." No it is the lights go off and immediately it as if all three of the girls have been magically transported to their bedrooms from some desert trek where they have been without any water for weeks and weeks.

Very curious. I think that it must be somehow be related to a chemical reaction to the lack of light.

I may see if I can get some sort of grant from a light bulb manufacturer…

Anyone aware of any existing research in this field…


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