“you can’t say ‘b-u-t-t…'”

One of the girls came in this afternoon more than a bit frustrated because a couple of kids from up the street were giving her a hard time about "words she can’t say."

Because we are a (bit) selective about the King’s English here at the AtwoodZoo. Perhaps not as cautious as some, but(t) certainly more reserved than many.

And B-U-T-T makes the "naughty" list. I know there may be many who would scoff at the inclusion of B-U-T-T on that list, but for whatever it’s worth, it IS on our list and therefore a word that we do not include as part of our daily vocabulary.

It appears that the young men up the street were not encumbered by such semantic shackles, and took it upon themselves to rant about their freedom to our daughter.

Seems that these oh so clever young men not just saying the word, but were actually spelling out B-U-T-T. And then saying it over and over again…each time finishing with the brilliant taunt…"you can’t say B-U-T-T."

And our sweet young thing pointed out, "Dad…they are spelling it out…with two ‘t’s so I know they mean the bad word, not just the other ‘but.’"

Point taken…but B-U-T-T is still on our list…no if’s, and’s, or errrr….but’s about it.


Posted on March 16, 2008, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. You could always use the Canadian word….B-U-M-M instead 😉 But that’s not even allowed in our house.

  2. It’s on our naughty list as well. As is dumb, stupid, can’t, & hate.

  3. We also cannot say that word in our house… it’s referred to as the be-hiney, and only in the strictest anatomical sense. Can’t use it as a name. Like mandy, we also don’t say the d-word (dumb), the s-word (stupid) or the h-word (hate). Great reading! Thanks.

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