Jesus in tennis shoes.

Suzie had a friend over after school today.

That is a red-letter, stop-the-presses, 21-gun-salute kind of event for Suzie. Because frankly, there not many 5th graders who think it is cool to spend an afternoon doing Polly Pockets puzzles or playing Arthur on or building houses our of Lincoln Logs.

But Reagan does.

Ever since kindergarten Reagan has been one of Suzie’s constants. Back when the kids were all four or five or six, it was cool for other kids to hang with Suzie. Cause she was not all that "different." But as they have moved through elementary school, and are now on the precipice of (shudder) middle school, Suzie has moved from being a peer to a mascot to an (often times) "one of those kids."

But not to Reagan.

And to many kids Suzie can be just the one who is holding up the lunch line, or the one who has the seizure in the hallway, or the one who makes a loud noise at a quiet time. Or maybe, worst of all, she is simply invisible.

But never for Reagan.

Reagan loves her and talks with her and smiles with her and comes over and does puzzles and plays Arthur and builds Lincoln Logs. Reagan is not just checking off a "be nice to someone different" box, or pushing Suzie to play something different or faster or more fun. There is no agenda, no self-interest, no Sunday school pin to win. She is simply being a friend. 

And that is why Reagan is Jesus in tennis shoes to Suzie. 


Posted on March 11, 2008, in Dad stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Barbara Metcalf

    Thank God for Reagan.

  2. Jesus always meets our children where they are. Bless Reagan for being a true friend.

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