The Canadian’s get it…

  1. As Chris from Canada said, "the Canadians always get it."


He didn’t say "eh." I added that part, but I am sure it was implied.

I have many a few transplanted Canadians as friends. Remember when we met a new north-of-the-border friend, I had a couple of thoughts…

  1. Do you all speak Canadian-ese?
  2. Does everybody have to wear one of those Canadian Mountie hats all the time?
  3. Why does the national anthem start out "Oh Canada…" Do you really have to call the country (Oh Canada…look here…good country…) to get its attention before you sing to it?
  4. Do you want North Dakota? We really don’t use it much in the US and thought maybe we could make a good deal for it. Like trade you North Dakota for Vancouver, straight up. It’s a pretty good deal, you get a whole state for just a city. We might even throw in New Hampshire.

But nonetheless, glad to know that Chris from Canada gets it…


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  1. 1. What are you talking aboot?
    2. They’re distributed at birth. Wearing them is optional.
    3. Our national anthem is much more spiritual than yours – “God keep our land glorious and free!”
    4. Vancouver already thinks it’s in a different country so she’s all yours!

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