Somebody gets it…

Madisonheartglobe It is so fun when somebody "gets it."

I am trapped in Las Vegas for a few days at a giant gift trade show, letting the world know about the amazing things the Beautiful Bride is doing with Show Offs Art.

And so I spend hours and hours in the bowels of a giant convention center, tucked in between the fabric walls of my little booth, talking with lots of people from Iowa and Nebraska, and California, and Idaho, and everywhere…

But mostly I am frustrated because while we are selling some product, it is mostly because "wow…that is so cool" or "hmmm…I’ve never seen anything like this before."

But then the Canadians walked in.

And almost immediately they said, "We get it. We get what you are doing. You are using lots of color and interesting design and making images in cool ways to, in a fun way, to have Scripture in all parts of the house. So that young girls and young moms will have something that is relevant to how they live and see life."


And, most importantly to me, they get the story of Heart and Globe. How the inspiration came from Suzie, and how she was making a painting of a heart for me and how she had it almost done and how she then put a huge glob of blue paint on the heart, and how The Beautiful Bride thought at first it was ruined, but then realized how the image was a perfect picture of John 3:16. And that God used our sweet Suzie, with all her challenges, and showed us a perspective of how His love is so much bigger than we can ever imagine.

And yesterday, someone really got it.   

Make sure you join the Water Cooler Wednesday’sconversation over at Randy Elrod’s amazing blog.


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  1. Beautiful! Congratulations on getting the gratification of bridging the gap with those observers.

  2. I love this artwork. It’s overflows so vibrantly with life and love and connection! I am inspired by Suzie’s “mistake” – I’ve been “getting it” more and more lately – mostly God has increased my love overall – decreased my own little world and increased his big world in my heart. Thanks for the incredible visual.

  3. The Canadians always get it 🙂

  4. Jeff, Awesome post…however, if you don’t mind..instead of linking our genral blog URL’s …please link the specific permalink of your post on my “Mr. Linky” form and then…on your blog post reference/link to Watercooler Wednesday it should be my specific permalink from today’s WCW post.
    Just reenter your today’s permalink at the Mr. Linky form on my WCW post at and I will erase your first one.
    Thanks so much for joining us at the watercooler today. Please bring a friend next week…and ….I GET IT!!!
    I’m sorry you are “trapped” there in Vegas. go to the M&M store for me.

  5. I have a ‘sweet Suzie’ of my own. This story is so precious and I love how God is using your work.

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