Putting on my big boy pants

Have you ever, as a parent, thought, "I need someone to make this decision for me?" Like this is a question that a dad ought to be making…then you realize, "oh…I am the dad in this situation."

We have a couple of those going on right now at the AtwoodZoo. Big decisions about schools (cue the foreboding music) middle school. And these seem like the kind of decisions that could impact the future.

It dawned on me the other day as I was talking with a soon-to-be-mom about having kids that when you have little babies, the only real decisions are related to cleanliness and dressing. Did I do a good job cleaning up the spit up off her face? Does that coat keep her warm enough? Stuff that will not mostly likely scar her for life.

But as the dad of a pair of soon-to-be middle schoolers, it seems like everything could scar them for life.

And so I guess that is why God gives us children as little babies instead of middle schoolers…it gives you ten years of little decisions so that you will hopefully be ready to to try and figure out the big decisions.


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