As I think about it…

Not to be macabre….but as I think about it, perhaps the main thing that keeps the Beautiful Bride driving the speed limit and eating fiber and staying out of the sun and not skydiving and doing mostly things to be healthy is the fear that if she ever "leaves the arena" I will be solely responsible for making sure that the girl’s hair gets done every morning.

That’s it.

Her determination to stay living and viable is to keep the hairbrush out of my hands.

It’s not in teaching life lessons, or seeing the girls graduate from high school or college or get married or have grandchildren or change the world or anything or growing a business or making a mark or leaving a legacy. No, she is driven to stay alive and well by fear – the fear that I would be the last line of defense for making sure that the girls do not leave with a rat’s nest on top of their heads.

And frankly, yes, it is a well-founded fear.


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