in the image of God…

It is interesting to spend time in New York City. Not just because of the theater or the museums or the restaurants or the business opportunities or the fascinating smell.

It is interesting to me because there are so many different people.

And I know that I am overgeneralizing a tiny bit but over-generally speaking, in Nashville it seems like there is one kind of person. Nashville seems to be filled with homogenized, pasteurized, over church-iczed people. A gaggle of generally fairly similar people with fairly similar lives.

But New York…

So many different shapes, sizes, colors, countries, languages, speeds, temperaments, needs, clothes, hats, hair, hygiene, homelands, accent, clothes, shoes…

Which more than anything else causes me to re-think my southern, suburban impression of the Genesis 1 text that says we are all "made in the image of God."

So I guess that God is not nearly as suburban as I think He is…


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